Awards and Criteria Descriptions

  • This individual has worked beyond normal work requirements to ensure safe delivery of drinking water to the public through a distribution network and demonstrated technical excellence and problem-solving creativeness.

  • This individual has demonstrated technical excellence, administrative, or managerial merit, or exemplary work ethic and dedicated approach to the administration, operation and/or maintenance of a water treatment facility.

  • This individual has demonstrated exemplary performance, initiative, technical excellence and problem solving creativeness in the operation and/or maintenance of conveyance systems and appurtenances that deliver sanitary sewage to wastewater treatment facilities.

  • This individual has significantly impacted the administration, operation and/or maintenance of a wastewater treatment facility and displayed exemplary commitment to the fundamental principles governing the treatment of wastewater and protection of the water environment.

  • This individual has contributed significantly to the administration or operation of water, wastewater, or solids handling laboratory, or demonstrated technical excellence and problem-solving creativeness worthy of peer recognition.

    This award highlights noteworthy rising stars in the water & wastewater industry. If you, a friend, a colleague, or someone you know has demonstrated exemplary performance in a water or wastewater-related field, WWOA encourages you to submit a nomination. Nominee should be 35 years old or younger.

  • This Indvidual has contributed immeasurable time, energy ,and resources, beyond their normal job duties, to provide educational and vocational training to environmental systems professionals. Nominee is not Required to be a WWOA member.

  • This award is presented to an individual who has maintained membership for 25 years or more with the Water and Waste Operators Association. Documentation of this membership could include past membership cards, membership verification through membership Chairperson or canceled checks to the Association.

    This person should have enhanced the performance of the operation of their water or wastewater system through innovative work practices, administrative leadership, and support for system operations. Nominee is not required to be a WWOA member.

  • Contributed extraordinary personal service of a continuous nature to the Association which enhanced the management, principles, operation, or professional and community standings of the Association.

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